Renewable Energy Storage Systems:

Because good energy gets great after sundown

Your best memories are made after the sun sets – moonlit swims, bonfires, porch drinks and laughter-filled meals with family and friends that last long into the night. An energy storage system lets you enjoy these moments without limitations.

Rechargeables Inc.

Rechargeables enables prosumers to generate and store solar energy, so it’s available any time they need it to power their business, vehicle or life.


Solar Energy Systems

A properly sized net-metered solar energy system matches your energy consumption exactly and secures electricity costs for more than two decades. Rechargeables designs and installs rooftop and ground mount systems for commercial and residential applications.

Energy storage systems

Residential energy storage systems have now gone mainstream in Canada. Pairing a lithium iron battery with a solar energy system allows vacation property owners to use their generated power at night or when the grid goes down.

Custom-built commercial battery energy storage systems ensure continuous operation for businesses during power disruptions, saving tens of thousands of dollars every minute.

Electric vehicle charging stations

There are now more than 150,000 electric vehicles on the road in Canada. Rechargeables carries a wide range of charging stations for drivers, corporate fleets and away-from-home charging.

In addition, we assist organizations with their NRCan applications to successfully secure rebates of up to 50% of the total installation cost. Rechargeables’ first municipal client was the Region of Waterloo in 2018, who secured 50% funding for more than 60 parking spaces, located at 20 sites across their beautiful, electrified region. To get the job done, Jeremy Day established a ChargePoint record by completing 29 formal site assessments in four business days, travelling over 858 km, to meet NRCan’s tight deadlines.

Consulting and Wholesale Distribution

Rechargeables is one of the few distributors serving individuals and system owners looking to purchase solar panels, racking, inverters, BOS components, batteries or EV charging stations. Achieve savings by purchasing wholesale from Rechargeables, who can support your preferred local installation partner and electrician to energize your system.

If your organization has a specialized renewable energy project and is limited by not having in-house expertise, we offer commercial consulting services including strategic planning, engineering, procurement, project management and construction roll-out for single projects and portfolios.

Why work with Rechargeables?

Experienced solar equipment wholesaler

Jeremy Day has a decade of experience supplying solar PV equipment to installers and utilities across Canada. Over the course of his career, Jeremy’s sold $60 million of components and 200 MW of inverters. Rechargeables’ high-volume experience and supplier connections are strengths enabling lower pricing and excellent design/technical support for customers. 

Industry-wide connections and vetted partners

After working with hundreds of manufacturers, installers, EPCs and engineering firms from coast to coast, Jeremy only partners with the best: companies that have a proven track record for quality and reliability.

The quality durability demands

For your solar or energy storage system to work at peak operating efficiency all day, every day for +20 years, the system’s design, components and workmanship must meet the highest quality standards. No detail is too small. Jeremy is involved every step of the way and is typically on-site to ensure a smooth, quality installation.

Jeremy Day next to an EV charger.

“Jeremy was wonderful. He provided us with more than enough information relative to what we can expect from our solar energy production. And so far, the energy that we’re getting is exactly what he had indicated from his calculations.

Jeremy’s meticulous in his attention to detail and getting everything exactly right. So we both felt very comfortable that we could rely on him to help us make choices. We’re very happy.”

Ross and Monika Hurford

“Jeremy was very helpful in putting an excellent solar system together for me. He looked into details from a variety of different suppliers and came up with a very viable and efficient solution. We communicated a lot over the phone to discuss details, needs, and options. I’m using the system in my Earthship since December and am very happy with it.”

Monika P.

“When I decided to make a large investment in energy storage, I researched many options. I am fortunate to have crossed paths with Jeremy at Rechargeables Inc. He was very easy to work with, but specifically took the time to understand exactly what I needed based on what I wanted out of the system and shipped me all the components I needed to complete the installation on time. He took the time to speak to my installer as well. This is the kind of service you want when you are making a large investment in your energy security. After 6 months, the system works flawlessly and I am very happy with the decision to work with this company.”

Carlo Biasucci

“I had a great experience shopping at Rechargeables! The customer service was stellar, and my system is working perfectly! Jeremy is very knowledgeable, and he bent over backward to help me through the whole process. Highly recommended!”

Warren Packer

“Excellent wholesale pricing and customer service. Jeremy always goes above and beyond for me to meet tough deadlines and handle tricky logistical situations. If you are a busy contractor like me who needs an ‘easy button’ for PV and EV charging, this is your guy!”
Jerrel Arai