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Why solar energy?

For commercial applications,  commercial energy solutions not only will provide substantial economic benefits – including lower energy bills and a positive cash flow from day one – but, going solar it’s also an essential step in going green – a trend embraced by an overwhelming number of businesses.

solar panels for commercial energy solutions

Commercial Solar Energy by the Numbers

2,000 MW

Canada’s recent solar adoption has been impressive. The country saw almost 2,000 MW of capacity added since 2013.


It’s projected that solar will provide 20% of the country’s new electricity supply in the next 20 years.

18% higher ROI

Corporations that actively plan with climate change in mind secure an 18% higher return on investment (ROI) than companies that aren’t.

The benefits of going green

Businesses that invest in solar power systems will be seen as environmentally responsible, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and attracting new investors. Our team of knowledgeable experts provides reliable advice and service to help your company become more sustainable.

What numbers says

A comprehensive approach to energy cost control

We take an in-depth, holistic approach to examining your options for electricity reduction or long-term energy cost control. We work with companies to create a comprehensive strategy for electrifying fossil-fuel-powered machinery or processes and adopting energy storage or power generation. We offer sound advice on what option – or combination of options – would allow you to best control energy costs and mitigate operational risks.

Customized advice for commercial solar

Green living doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us take care of the hard work for you! Our team will walk you through your options, step-by-step and provide customized advice on what works best. Let Rechargeables design a solar or energy storage system that perfectly fits your company’s individual needs.

Competitive pricing for complete systems

Our smaller product offering means more competitive pricing for you. As a top Canadian distributor with strong volume for our suppliers, we pass the savings on to our partners.

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