Drone Site Survey

Get the latest in drone technology and GPS data point precision working for your solar panel installations. Comprehensive site surveys for projects of any scale.

Achieve True Accuracy for Solar Installations

Quick Turnaround > Professional Solar Modules Lay-outs from Stock > Sales Revenue

Drone technology and 3D modeling tools quickly capture perfect roof measurements, decreasing on-site time by up to 90%. Sub-inch accuracy ensures that every aspect of your solar installation, from structural analysis to panel optimization, is planned with the utmost precision, speed, and safety. Rechargeables’ focus on lay-outs using solar modules, racking, inverters from stock helps you close more deals quicker with a firmed up ‘string design’ and SLD (single line diagram).

100% Accurate Real Imagery < Concerns < Revisions < Cost > Profit

Flawless panel installation with exact measurements. Drone surveys provide true accuracy so that the array fits perfectly on installation day, as per the lay-out. Drone surveys eliminate the need to send a worker to verify obstructions and tight dimensions, improving speed, accuracy and safety. Save time and money using expensive software packages, such as Aurora Solar, Helioscope and PVSyst, that rely on satellite imagery that are not as clear or up-to-date.

Roof Climbs < Insurance > Workplace Safety

Keep ladders and fall-arrest gear at the shop or on the vehicle until it is absolutely necessary to send workers, such as yourself, onto any rooftop. Realize priceless savings by preventing minor and major injuries. Lower your probability for insurance claims on every site where a drone survey could avoid dangerous working situations. Afterall, “Old habits die hard” and drone surveys are pain-free.

What Does Accuracy Mean to You?

Sales: Never have to overpromise and underdeliver, despite your best efforts as a salesperson. Enjoy enhanced confidence that goes hand-in-hand with finalized solar module lay-outs and financials that are going to work in the real-world.

Surveyors: Capture every measurement without compromising safety and utilize finite resources more effectively. Avoid compromising quality engineering and design-work to make things work on the fly, due to improper information.

Designers: Digitized site data in one place to design quickly without revisions. Finalize single line diagrams by knowing panels fit when Google Earth doesn’t provide the information you need.

Installers: Avoid adjusting anything on-site; sell designs that fit and avoid obstructions with confidence. Ensure the team brings correct bill of materials to avoid inefficiencies and delays.

O&M: Send our drone pilot to site before sending expensive electricians, technicians or engineers to complete their scope of work efficiently. Get the lay of the land. Always know before you go.

Executives: Uphold a reputation as a quality-first organization. Build your team around quality from the top-down, including our high-quality drone images and services into your operations.

Diverse Applications Across Multiple Sectors

Detailed aerial surveys and GPS mapping for precise roof measurements and permit package preparation.

Ground Mount
Specialized services including pile stakeouts, topographical surveys, and thermal imaging for large-scale solar projects.

Nationwide team delivering fast and accurate inspections, supported by efficient scheduling for enhanced homeowner satisfaction.

Rechargeables is Proud to Partner with Scanifly!

In collaboration with Scanifly, a leader in drone-operating technology, we bring to you a seamless and cutting-edge experience in drone site surveys for solar applications. Scanifly’s expertise in drone operations and Solar Energy projects enhances our ability to deliver unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in every project, ensuring that our clients receive the best in solar survey technology.

Do You Have Your Drone Operator’s License? Looking for work?

Do you love drones and have a passion for seeing your work come to life with tangible results? We’re looking for drone operators across Canada to partner with, considering our clients are coast-to-coast. You fly the drone and provide the date, we pay for your time, mileage and our in-house staff does the rest in partnership with Scanifly!

Ready to Elevate Your Solar Installations?

Connect with us today to discover how our drone site survey services can revolutionize your solar energy installations. Experience the future of solar project planning with precision, speed, and safety.

Ready to Elevate Your Solar Installations?

Do You Have Your Drone Operator’s License? Looking for work?