Commercial EV Charging

Change is on the horizon with commercial EV charging

Full EV adoption is coming. Are you ready?
In 2021, the Government of Canada fast-tracked their goal by five years to eliminate combustible engine-run cars and light trucks. All new light-duty cars and passenger trucks must be zero-emission by 2035, being either electric, hybrid or hydrogen-fueled.

In order to drive down transportation emissions to help meet ambitious climate change targets, millions of commercial EV charging stations must be installed across Canada to accommodate the coming flood of new EV drivers. We can help you prepare.

A variety of flexible configurations and business models

commercial EV charging station
Level 2

Level 2 chargers offer businesses and property owners the opportunity to generate new revenue while providing a valuable amenity to employees, customers and tenants. Especially profitable for storefronts, EV chargers can bring in high-end clientele who are looking to boost while they shop.

Level 2 applications include:

  • workplace charging
  • destination charging
  • multi-unit dwelling charging
  • rental properties and strata

Level 3

Level 3 chargers are ideal for major transportation corridors and the retail and hospitality sectors. Fleet charging also allows large commercial operations to keep their fleets fully operational thanks to lightning-fast charging.

Level 3 applications include:

  • fleet charging
  • rapid charging for passenger vehicles, material handling and ground support equipment
  • retail and hospitality sectors, including airports, universities, casinos, hotels, shopping centers, and workplaces

Compatibility with every EV make and model

Rechargeables offers advanced charging stations and mounting solutions that are compatible with your choice of EV manufacturers. We can find the perfect fit for you based on charging level, mounting style, weather rating, and vehicle compatibility.

More than just EV charging stations

EV charging is just one aspect of a business’s net-zero carbon strategy. Contact us to explore other options like solar carports, commercial solar systems, energy storage and more. You’ll be surprised by the business opportunities hidden behind the energy meter.

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