Fire Suppression

Challenges of lithium-ion battery fires

Li-ion and other batteries can pose a significant fire risk due to overheating, igniting combustibles, or triggering a thermal runaway event.
It’s important to understand the unique challenges associated with a battery cell failure so you can choose the right fire suppression solution:
  • A thermal runaway event accelerates the fire, making it ever-escalating
  • There are a variety of fuels available to feed the blaze
  • Cell design means the fire is deep-seated and hard to reach

Stat-X Aerosol Fire Suppression

Rechargeables is proud to carry the Stat-X line of condensed aerosol fire suppression systems, designed and test-proven to work on difficult battery fires. They offer superior, cost-effective suppression when compared to sprinkler and gaseous systems.

Fire suppression applications

Residential: Stat-X canisters are safe and effective for residential battery systems and can be securely installed in a homeowner’s garage or basement. Stat-X Fixed System, Electrical Units for Ordinary Locationsare great for homes and small systems. 

Commercial: Our number one application is for 1 to 2 MW LFP battery energy storage systems housed in retrofitted 20 and 40 ft. sea can storage containers. Stat-X Fixed Systems, Thermal/Manual Unitsare ideal for large commercial systems.

Stat-X benefits for BESS installations

Easy installation
  • Compact ceiling or wall installation with no piping, manifolds, or pressure relief device requirements
  • Units are completely non-pressurized
Safe operation
  • Elimination of the gas-tight enclosure requirement
  • Total-flooding with airborne agent suspension to aid in reflash protection
  • Activation can be initiated through an electrical signal (control panel with smoke or heat detection) or thermal actuator (no external power is required)
  • Approved for normally occupied spaces
Budget-friendly maintenance
  • Fifteen-year service life
  • Straightforward inspection and maintenance
  • Discharged aerosol is environmentally friendly, with zero OPD, zero GWP, and negligible atmospheric lifetime.
As an authorized Stat-X distributor, we can help design a robust and efficient fire suppression system for your residential or commercial battery system.

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