Residential Storage

Residential off-grid

Flexible sales
Dealers can purchase residential off-grid packages or individual components. Our energy storage systems all use lithium technology and are intended for off-grid applications 5 kW and over.
Focused sales support
We’re always ready to help. Rechargeables offers expert technical support and we’re more than happy to build you a complete package, including a properly sized battery.
Leading battery distributor
Rechargeables is one of the top Canadian Fortress Power and Sol-Ark distributors. Our focused product offering means we’re always in stock and can provide competitive pricing on our selection of lithium batteries.
Easy product integration
We understand off-grid systems must be able to adapt as the end-user upgrades and renovates. That’s why we only offer products that can easily integrate with generators and fire safety systems.

Fortress Power

eFlex 5.4 kWh battery
  • High durability, daily use battery with 10-year warranty
  • Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate technology
  • Long lifespan (6,000 + cycles) and leading round trip efficiency (>98%)
  • Flexible mounting options, including wall-mounted, server rack-mounted, or floor-standing
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting capability, with built-in Wifi, Modbus, and CAN bus
  • Battery Management System monitors and balances voltage and temperature of each individual cell to maximize reliability.
eVault Max 18.5 kWh battery
  • Latest Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, ideal for both residential and commercial applications with 10-year warranty
  • Expandable from 18.5 kWh to 370 kWh
  • AC/DC coupling to solar array and works for off-grid, backup power, self-supply and peak shaving.
  • Closed-loop communication with hybrid inverters
  • Easy to install and service with > 98% round-trip efficiency
  • Smart Battery Management System integrates multilevel safety concepts for excellent performance

Sol-Ark All-In-One hybrid inverter

  • Provides grid-tie, off-grid, and hybrid functionality in a single unit. Pre-wired inverter with built-in charge controllers and lightning-fast 4ms no-loss transfer switch.
  • 9 kW continuous / 20 kW peak inverter, stackable up to 72 kW
  • Supports simultaneous DC and AC coupling, or transformerless DC
  • Works with or without batteries.
  • The ultimate in flexibility. PV systems can be adapted for almost any future need.
  • 10-year warranty with 24/7 live support
  • Two MPPT charge controllers
  • Built-in remote monitoring
  • Boosts PV energy up to 20% without increasing array size
  • Improve battery efficiency up to 15%

Competitive pricing for complete systems

Our smaller product offering means more competitive pricing for you. As a top Canadian distributor with strong volume for our suppliers, we pass the savings on to our partners.

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