Generator Solutions

Residential standby generators

A home standby generator is a permanent backup power solution that connects to a home’s natural gas or liquid propane fuel source and in the event of a power outage, automatically turns on thanks to an automatic transfer switch.
In bad weather or blackout, standby generators keep your clients’ lights, appliances and electronics on. They’re a cost-effective way to protect home and family. Provide peace of mind from our trusted backup power brands.

Sizing options:

  • Select-circuit generator system: powers the basics, up to 10 electrical loads.
  • Smaller whole home generator system: provides backup power in a compact package, up to two air conditioners.
  • Luxury whole home generator system: power an array of high-wattage appliances, with commercial generator performance.

Commercial standby generators

For commercial applications, we offer custom-designed continuous, prime power generators ideal for your client’s application. Up to a 5 MW peak, we’ll source the best fit according to efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.
Commercial standby generators provide access to reliable power in the event of an outage, keeping businesses productive and people safe. Let Rechargeables create an emergency power strategy that includes a resilient power generation source of your own.

Peak shaving for Class A customers

Ontario’s class A customers know that pain well – global adjustment charges that can amount to half of their monthly electricity bill. Large commercial energy users looking to reduce their grid load during those critical peak demand hours by peak shaving (also known as GA busting), have several options under the ICI program. Two of the most common are prime power generators and batteries.

Industrial generators are a great option because it’s well-known and trusted technology. They’re reliable, scalable, and can run continuously, unlike batteries which will likely need to replenish after several hours. As more players muddy the waters, peak forecasting has become more difficult – Class A customers are having to deploy their curtailment resources more frequently and for longer periods of time in order to avoid the top 5 demand peaks. Prime power generators provide the flexibility needed to cover these increasingly longer timespans. 

They also offer the added benefit of reliable emergency backup power and can be paired with a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system for further cost savings.

Peak savings

Whether you’re looking for a standalone or hybrid solution, Rechargeables has experienced partners who will conduct a thorough consultation and quote a custom-designed solution. For an accurate quote, please have your billing history, including hour-by-hour interval data on hand so we can properly identify peak demand.

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